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Scholar Academy is a K-6 public charter school, located in Tooele, Utah. Scholar Academy students will enjoy a rich, engaging, and student-centered educational program that is focused on improving and challenging students at all levels.

Scholar Academy will build upon a foundation of academic excellence using creative problem solving, cooperative learning, experiential learning, and reflection throughout academic disciplines. Our kindergarten through six grade elementary program will build a rigorous, engaging curriculum. The mission of Scholar Academy is to provide a quality education for all students, and the Scholar Academy education program will prepare all students to achieve a high academic standard, especially allowing for a rigorous program for students needing to challenge themselves. The teachers will guide students using cooperative learning and creative problem solving strategies in all curriculum areas, including service learning experiences to foster application, reflection and clarity to student learning.

Intellectual Ability in students by developing aptitude for:

Understanding facts, concepts, generalizations and their relationships
Identifying patterns
Verbal and nonverbal reasoning
Spatial perceptions
Developing and evaluating ideas

Develop specific academic ability by mastering skills and concepts across multiple curriculum areas.

Rapid insight into cause-effect relationships
Interpersonal intuition
Ability to engage, solve problems, and motivate other students
Ability to become civically involved through service learning

Creative learning by helping students developing abilities in:

Fluency, flexibility, originality, elaboration
Divergent thinking skills
Problem-solving strategies
Exhibition or performance of dance, music (instrumental or vocal), visual or performing arts

Education in healthy lifestyles for students by fostering:

Skill and enjoyment when participating in athletic and recreational sports
Good attendance
Healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, good nutrition, and participating in preventative health care measures
The ability to follow an individualized health care plan if necessary

August 22, 2016

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Free Public K-6 Charter School

Scholar Academy is a public K-6 charter school located in Tooele, Utah. We serve families in Tooele, Grantsville and surrounding communities.

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